Single sign-on account to open an access control

Use your existing single sign-on manager (GSuite, Office 365, LDAP, Github, Gitlab, Facebook, auth0, ...) directly to your entry door

User authenticates with his smartphone in less in a second.

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Use an openid account from a single sign-on manager instead of RFID badges or keys on your access control.

Never use badges

We all have smartphones. Improve authentication speed. No specific badges or keys anymore.

Manage authorizations

Keep a hand on authorizations, define fine rules for each user.

Bluetooth connection or QRCode

Poximity is the best security. Scan a QRCode on the smartphone screen instead of type a 4 digit code, like you do in the airport with your flight registration ! You can also use bluetooth LE ; each smartphone has bluetooth builtin, so everyone can use it.

Based on standard secured protocol

There nothing to prove : OAuth2 is the best authentication protocol and the most use on the internet. Use this protocol for your own access control.

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