Authentication and Authorization platform as a service

Use your existing single sign-on manager (GSuite, Office 365, LDAP, Github, Gitlab, Facebook, auth0, ...) and add authorizations management on top

we also provides oauth2 as a service with a Keycloak Realm dedicated to you.

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3 essential steps : Identification, Authentication, Authorization

Use platform for physical access control !

Use an openid account from a single sign-on manager instead of RFID badges or keys on your access control.

Dramatically improves security by adding a password or biometric verification in the process


Your OpenId Connect provider (auth0, Google Suite, Office 365, ...) is the unique source of truth. Users have a unique identity in your company. No duplication, no secondary directory.


Badges, keys, digit code are not authentication process. Fingerprint, face recognition or password are authentication. Users are authenticated on their own smartphone, which are used as a lockable badges.

AUTHORIZE SaaS platform let you define your own rules for each door you have. There is no authorization if user is not authenticated on your provider.


Connect your software to our platform using our nice APIs ! Alerting, logs, custom rules, time clock...

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