Keycloak.X : your own realm as a service

Just a standard keycloak realm, with the new Keycloak Quarkus

For testing purpose only, we do not provide any support

Keycloak is a powerful application which allows you to add authentication to applications and secure your services. No more need to implement an nth time username/password auth with lost password e-mail, etc... All common user management operations are available out of the box. It comes with a full set of advanced features including User Federation, Identity Brokering and Social Login.
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We added :


Depending of your plan, we make regular backups of your instance. You can download it whenever you want and also import it in another keycloak instance.


See your authentication usage, optimize your apps and see all metrics we can get, in real time.


Download your own logs from your platform (depending of your subscribed plan). Add your own logger if you want.


We do all for you. Updates, security, high availibility, scalability.

Keycloak.X platform pricing

This platform is for testing only. We do not ensure production level on it.

Monthly price No credit card
Max users 10
Custom Clients1 2
External providers Yes
Daily Backup retention No
Logs retention 1 day
  1 Five default clients are already created for technical purpose, they are not included in billing calculation.

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Deploying an oauth2 based authentication is not so easy. You have to deal with clients, PKI, users, certificates, tokens, providers sometimes...

SSO is a critical part of your infrastructure. Understanding all concepts behind oauth2 and openid connect will take time. Contact us, expose your needs and we will anwser exactly your questions, not another oauth2 training.

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